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Buttered Cabbage



  • 1 small Savoy or other green cabbage
  • 150 g butter
  • salt and freshly ground pepper


  1. Remove all the unattractive outside leaves. Cut the cabbage in strips and remove the core. To clean the cabbage, leave the strips in cold water with a tablespoon of salt for 10 minutes or so.
  2. Drop the drained cabbage into enough boiling salted water to float it, and cook fast for 7-8 minutes, until just tender when stuck with the point of a knife.
  3. Drain very thoroughly in a colander, cutting any large pieces through here and there with a knife.
  4. Melt half the butter in the pan in which the cabbage was cooked, return the cabbage to the pan and stir over a very low heat.
  5. Add a great deal of pepper and a little salt. As the liquid from the cabbage is produced and re-absorbed, add the remaining butter a bit at a time, stirring gently to separate the strips of cabbage. When there is no extra liquid in the pan and the butter has thoroughly coated the cabbage - it takes 10-15 minutes - serve at once.

The cabbage does not lose its beautiful green colour, but it does become considerably reduced in volume. This is not at all like the buttered cabbage you get in hotels, and is quite delicious.


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