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This recipe collection is for my children, Stefan and Karin. All recipes have been cooked more than once and are family favourites. They come from a wide variety of sources such as the extended family, friends, our collection of cookery books, and also from the Internet.

How it all began
When I started working full time again after freelancing from home for many years, we decided that each family member would be responsible for the main meal of the day one day each week.
Initially Stefan and Karin cooked under Ulrich's or my supervision, but they soon learned the necessary skills and quickly were confident to tackle even the most complicated recipes.
Stefan and Karin left home many years ago, are fully engaged in interesting and often stressful careers but still enjoy cooking.

The cooks
Stefan is Financial Manager for Southern Africa at Medtronic and is married to Lindi neé Dreyer. They have a baby daughter, Alexis.
Karin is Project Manager (DT) at the Radisson Hotel Group.
Ulrich and Helga are both retired.

  • Ulrich
    Ulrich is the soup cook in the family; he also enjoys cooking on our Cobb and loves to eat curries and hot dishes. He prefers to cook steaks and hamburgers "sous vide" and loves to prepare slow cooking dishes.
  • Helga
    Helga prefers to cook casseroles and normally prepares the desserts. Since she retired, she has been baking bread regularly and ttests new cookie and cake recipes every now and then.
  • Stefan
    Stefan loves experimenting in the kitchen and is not put off by the most complicated recipes. He likes to bake rusks and recently he's been making his own sausages and also cooks delicacies for his two German shepherds.
  • Lindi
    Lindi cooks very well but is a bit hesitant to add new recipes to our pages. But watch these pages, something new and delicious will be added soon.
  • Karin
    Karin went through a "mexican phase" and surprised us with a new mexican dish once a week. She still likes to experiment in the kitchen and spoils her friends with delicious homemade cakes.

Status quo
I continuously add to this collection of recipes and also make minor changes to recipes that we cook often. The recipes are either in German or English and for those of you that may need a translation there is a small dictionary under glossary.

Enjoy cooking and ...

... "Guten Appetit!"

Helga Nordhoff

And here we are, the cooks and test eaters!

Carlos, Karin, Helga, Ulrich, Lindi, Stefan und Alexis.

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