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Some people love them, others hate them. I love them and started collecting them, partly for my students as brain exercises because, according to de Bono:

"Thinking is not a matter of getting the right answer. It is a matter of consciously using your mind, and enjoying using it. Treat thinking like a sport. Have fun.
In sport, coaching makes a big difference. It is the same with thinking."

(Edward de Bono. 1995. Mind Power. Dorling Kindersley.)

Puzzle / Problem

Puzzle / Problem

2 Quilts from one 13x13 quilt Hexagon puzzle
4 Colours, 16 squares How to get to the other side
4 Colours, 4 cubes The looped band
5 Pieces, 6 Figures Matches puzzles
5 Colours, 16 squares Mathematical expression
5 Shapes, 1 square Mathematics: x = 4
8 Queens on a chess board Mathematics: find a value for ?
Binary puzzle (colour contact) Missing corners
Centre of mass of a coke can Origami
Coin puzzle Pentomino Puzzles
Connect the dots Convex polygons
Cut the Cake Seeing is believing!
Divide the square The Soma cube
Domino mathematics Tie a knot
Dwarfs Twisted Wires
Electric Bulb Puzzle Twos
Find the expression (some lateral thinking is asked for) U2 Concert to start in 17 minutes ...
More phrases Water Puzzle
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16 July 2005