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PUB 703 - Design & Production

Theme 2 - Photography & Illustration

2.1 Photography

Lecture & Practical
  • Outline
    • Visit to the "Camera Obscura"
    • Types of Cameras
    • History of Photography
    • Criteria for choosing photographs for publication
    • Composition
    • Practical
      • "Surfing the Web"
      • Composition and Layout
    • Assignment
  • Specific Outcomes
    Basic understanding of how an optical image is formed.

    Familiarisation with photographic terminology.

    Understanding Composition and Cropping.

    Finding Information on the Internet.

    Using a graphics program to practice cropping.

1. Basic Terminology - Worksheet 1
2. History of Photography
3. Early Photographers
4. Composition
5. Digital Photography
6. Graphic File Formats - Worksheet 2
7. Restoration and Electronic Editing
8. Copyright
9. Layout

Early Photography
Connect to some of the following sites to get an impression of the work of the first photographers.

History of Photography

Information about the History of Photography can be found at:

For more information on Composition have a look at: - good examples!!!

Restoration and Electronic Editing

For some examples of Restoration and Electronic Editing go to:

Digital Photography
An excellent book on Digital Photography can be found at:
A course in using your digital camera at:
"Digital Photography Tips & FAQs" at:

More information about digital cameras and digital photography can be found at:

More infornation about Copyright can be found at:
The Copyright Website

Pinhole information and images

For Searches that involve photography terms try:

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  Introduction to Black & White Photography

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