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PUB 703 - Design & Production
Theme 2 - Photography & Illustration

2.1 Photography


1. Your thoughts and views
In a few sentences give your opinion on the following statements: (15%)

  • "A photograph is worth a thousand words."
  • "A photograph does not lie."
  • "Electronic media will replace paper as 'carrier' of information."

2. Composition (40%)
Make your own list of compositional elements (minimum 10 different elements) and illustrate each with a rough sketch or preferably with a photo.

3. Layout (40%)
Choose 3 - 5 photographs (with text if applicable) from a variety of "printed" media (no advertisements) in four of the following categories:

  • annual reports
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • technical publication
  • the Internet (any Web site, except obvious advertisements)

Briefly state what drew your attention to the photograph in the first place. Then analyse its composition and placing on the page, stating why you think the photograph is a success or failure. If you think it is a failure, explain how you would have changed the use of that particular photograph (be specific if you would have cropped or placed it differently).

4. Feedback (no marks!)
Please include one page telling me:

  • what you enjoyed, liked and found positive about this module;
  • what you didn't like or found unnecessary;
  • what you thought was missing from the course (suggestions).

Submit this sheet separately, without name or student number if you would like to stay anonymous.

Present your photographs and comments in a A4 or A3 scrapbook or file. Hand in your assignments before Wednesday 7 June 2000 at16:00.

5. Evaluation criteria

  • Your thoughts: (15%)
    • Clarity of expression
    • Originality of ideas, arguments

  • Composition: (40%)
    • List of Criteria
    • Choice of Photographs
    • Clarity of expression
    • References

  • Layout: (40%)
    • Choice of Photographs / Page
    • Criticism & Comments
    • References
  • Presentation: (5%)

Due Date
Your assignment is due before 17:30 on Wednesday 14 June 2000.
Submit it to the secretary, Ms. Nelmarie Smuts,  in the "Visuele Kunste"-building before 16:00 or to the design lecturer, Ms L.Villiers at 17:30.

Please Note: no late assignments will be accepted or marked. Students will be penalized for scholastic dishonesty.
In your exam paper at the end of the year, there will be a section on Photography.

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