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Rules of the House

On Arrival

  • Enter the house from 3de Straat, deactivate the alarm using the code given to you.
  • Open the main water tap – outside against the western wall of the house at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Switch on the electricity – the distribution board is on the western wall in the kitchen/scullery.

During your stay

  • If necessary consult the instruction manuals for the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer
    (in the green file in the kitchen cupboard).
  • Report any breakages and other urgent maintenance matters to Ernst August or Helga.
  • Linen
    The bedlinen for the main bedroom should be in the bedroom cupboards and all extra-long sheets should be in the cupboard in the blue room downstairs; all other linen is kept in the linen cupboard in the passage downstairs; kitchen towels in a drawer in the kitchen.
    Should there be a bag of clean linen from the laundry in the house, please check the contents against the list in the bag and store the linen in the cupboards as indicated above. Please report discrepancies.
  • Towels may not be taken to the beach; please use your own beach towels.
  • Store your valuables in the safe when you leave the house.
  • Always secure the outside gates so that they are not banged against the walls by the wind.
  • Baboons!
    Baboons are a pest, but they are clever and can be extremely destructive.
    Close all windows and doors if nobody is at home and if you are at home make sure food is not visible from any open window or door.
  • Refuse
    Use a clear refuse bag for all recyclable waste (paper, glass, cans, etc. Note: polystyrene is not recycled here.) All other refuse must be placed in black bags and the bags are put out in the green refuse bin; a maximum of 4 bags are allowed and that may include 1 bag of garden refuse.
    Baboon-proof the bin by securing the lid with the chain before placing it outside.
    Refuse collection day: Mondays and the baboons know that as well.
  • Smoking
    Smoking is not allowed in the house!

Before leaving

  • Please write in the guest book: your names with the dates of your stay and a few short comments about your stay in Hermanus.
  • Clean the fridge, switch off the power and make sure the doors are left open.
  • Do not leave any perishable food behind; the cleaning service does not come the day after your departure.
  • Clean the filter of the dishwasher, close the water supply to the machine and leave the door open.
  • If you have used the washing machine during your stay, dry the inside of the rubber seal, close the water supply to the machine and leave the door open.
  • Complete the laundry check list in duplicate and place one copy together with the laundry into the laundry basket. Return the copy with the house key.
  • Lock the safe and return key as agreed.
  • Place dust sheets on matrasses, close windows and curtains, close and lock all outside doors.
  • Place patio furniture inside and return the garden hose to the garage.
  • Make sure all wooden gates outside are closed.
  • Switch off the electricity supply to the geysers only.
  • Dump refuse at the De Mond refuse dump or in the bins at the OK MiniMark in 10th Street.
  • Activate the alarm – note this can only be done with the front door closed.

Have a safe journey!

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