And so we are retired now!
No more computer and network support for Ulrich and only a little bit of web design for Helga.

We have time for our hobbies again; time to photograph whatever catches our fancy, time to potter in the garden, fold Origami, go for a cycle ride or just sit and read.

The web pages reflect some of our interests and hobbies.

Nordhoffs' Recipe Collection

This recipe collection was started when our children left home; it is a collection of recipes that we as a family cook.
All recipes have been cooked more than once and are family favourites. They come from a wide variety of sources such as the extended family, friends, our collection of cookery books, and also from the Internet. New recipes are added all the time, but have to be approved by the majority of family members.


Kilimani ist unser Ferienhaus in Hermanu; es wird nur an Familie (Verwandte) und sehr gute Bekannte vermietet.



Watch this space!

Mathematic and Logic Puzzles are part of Recreational Mathematics and nothing gives some people more satisfaction than solving a puzzle on their own, or with the help of a friend.

A Sundial Tutorial

This tutorial was designed in 2001 as part of one of my MEd assignments The original tutorial was not in an html format and the current html pages are outdated. I'm still fascinated by sundials and hope to update the pages in the near future.




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